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Shelby Estocado

A lifelong athlete, Estocado always wants to represent her family, play for her country and be a great role model for others.

Her desire to give back and provide opportunities is strong, and despite the accident she suffered, her drive, athleticism, and competitive nature have not changed. If anything, her participates in sports has ramped up. Growing up playing sports, Estocado was super athletic and very competitive. “I grew up playing baseball with the boys. I played lacrosse, cross country, basketball, whatever sport was available.” A standout softball player in high school, and at the University of Tulsa (Oklahoma). Estocado went on to play for the USA Baseball Women’s National Team in 2016.

In 2020 Estocado sustained a broken sternum and T-6 vertebrae while snowboarding, losing control on a jump and landing on her back, resulting in a serious spinal cord injury and paralysis from the chest down. Recovery was arduous, however, Estocado decided her athletic pursuits were not over and now has her sights set on the Paralympics in Alpine skiing. She continues to pursue athletic excellence. Estocado concentrates on the good in her new adaptive life, hoping it helps others reach their own recovery goals.