About the Expo

Snowbound Expo is the relaunch of the well known 'Boston Ski & Snowboard Expo' bringing together the ski & snowboard community to meet up & plan for their next adventure in the mountains. The show will bring together brands showcasing the latest gear, equipment, apparel, technology and is the place to pick up ski passes for the next season. Snowbound Expo hosts an amazing line up of inspirational speakers who will share their skills and experiences to get visitors stoked for the next season! Snowbound Expo is accessible to all – no matter your age, sexual orientation, race, ability - if you want to try out snowsports or improve your techniques, Snowbound Expo is the place for you!

Strategic Pillars

  • A range of products and brands for consumers to purchase to suit all budgets and disciplines
  • Brands partnering with retail to boost sales at the show
  • A very clear marketing message that the show exists as an immersive retail experience

Accessibility & Inclusion

  • We have priced the tickets & built the event’s budget to not be reliant on ticket revenue, this means we are able to offer a high volume of complimentary tickets to lower & remove barriers to entry
  • The show includes all levels of products and snow sports brands from entry to elite


  • Evaluating our impact at every stage of the process
  • Joining the Raccoon Media Group pledge to be Net Zero by 2025
  • Measure and reduce before contemplating carbon extraction projects

Who are we?

Raccoon Media Group is an exciting and dynamic UK-based media and events business run by a group of exhibition and digital marketing experts. The team at Raccoon Media Group is small but has a wealth of event experience – collectively over 100 years of organising exhibitions and conferences in key locations all over the world. Check out what the full range of digital marketing solutions and international events that Raccoon Media Group can offer here

Environmental, Social and Governance
As a business Raccoon Media Group is  aiming to be net zero by 2025 and our goal is to continually measure and reduce our environmental impact with everything that we do. We Are committed to:

  • Challenging all contractors to be more sustainable and actively de-selecting companies that are not making efforts in this area
  • Working with exhibitors to ensure their environmental impact is managed and limited
  • Working with visitors to ensure that their environmental impact is managed and limited
  • Ensuring our own business activities are delivered with the minimum environmental impact
  • Delivering an offsetting programme focused on carbon removal by 2025

We are a small business with good intentions and we believe that we can deliver net zero by 2025. See https://raccoonmediagroup.com/sustainability-policy for further information on our latest sustainability initiatives and progress.

About SIA

Snowsports Industries America (SIA) is the trade association of the winter outdoor industry. Through SIA membership, brands, destinations, retailers, service providers and non-profits solve urgent business problems, adapt to changing pressures, save and grow. Together SIA and its members spot trends that matter, facilitate industrywide strategy and innovate to ensure the winter outdoors thrives for future generations. Founded in 1954, SIA is based in Park City, UT. We are #UnitedByWinter. For more information and to become a member, visit snowsports.org.

what's on

Come to Snowbound Expo to meet all the brands, gear up, and have a go at the awesome features offered. Gain inspiration from Olympians, explorers, athletes, and new stars from the snow scene speaking on our stages – content guaranteed to get you amped up and ready to go and follow your passion out on the snow.

Interactive features include balance board sessions, indoor slope, a recycling zone, cross country and snowshoe experience, beer gardens and more. There is something for EVERYONE!

Trampoline Show

If you used to visit The Boston Ski & Snowboard Expo back in the day, you’ll remember the trampoline show!

Well, news just in; the trampolines are returning in November 2024!

This year, we are thrilled to introduce an exhilarating new feature: the Trampoline Show.

Watch in awe as talented skiers and snowboarders perform gravity-defying tricks and stunts on trampolines, showcasing their incredible skills and athleticism.

This high-energy feature promises to be one of the many highlights of the event, offering visitors an unforgettable experience filled with thrills and excitement.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to see an amazing display!


Get ready for the adrenaline-pumping action at Snowbound Expo's newest addition:

The Rail Jam. Back again since the popularity from last year, you can witness skiing and snowboarding pros tackle an array of challenging rails and obstacles.

Join us whilst the event is Mc’d and cheer on the riders as they push the limits of what's possible on the rails!

Athletes will be named soon!

VIP Lounge

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VIP Ticket holders will have access to a few perks over the weekend of the Show including:

  • Access to the VIP Lounge where we will have seating and a bar for you to purchase drinks during the day
  • Refreshments such a water, tea and coffee free of charge throughout the day
  • A Snowbound shopping tote
  • A free glass of sparking wine or soft drink
  • Dedicated Meet & Greet area within the VIP Lounge with shorter queues to meet your idols
  • Complimentary Cloakroom access

Meet & Greet

We have an incredible set of guests joining us at the Snowbound Expo. Many of these will be making themselves available to meet, catch-up and snap a photo with, at the Meet and Greet area.

Our speakers have allocated a set amount of time to meet as many people in the queue as possible. We’ll do our best to make sure everyone gets a chance, but in some circumstances, the queue will have to be cut short to fit with the busy schedule. To maximise your chances of reaching the front of the line, please aim to arrive within the first 10 minutes of the advertised session time. Make sure you check back at this page to see the Meet and Greet schedule, and updates on who will be taking part!

Harpoon Brewery x Ski the East Night

We are excited to welcome you to the Harpoon Beer Hall in Boston’s Seaport District!
306 Northern Avenue
Boston, MA 02210

We look forward to hosting you to enjoy fresh beer, cider, and seltzer, and delicious food prepared right here in our Harpoon Kitchen.  Click here to see today’s offerings.

Visit the website

Blizzard 2024

Blizzard is back! Kick-off your ski & ride season in style this year and join us at Royale, Boston. The Boston Ski & Sports Club host Boston’s biggest and best winter kick-off party where hundreds of winter enthusiasts enjoy ski exhibits, entertainment, and an avalanche of prizes. It’s the perfect social event to kick-off your ski season! The first 500 people through the door will receive a Gift Bag with a free lift ticket, swag, coupons from partners and more. Once inside, check out vendors like Sunday River, Killington, Loon, Steamboat, Wachusett Mountain, Killington, 98.5 the Sports Hub & More. Get your tickets soon!

Event Details:

Date: Thursday Nov 14, 2024

Time: 6:00-9:00pm

Location : Royale Boston

LUPE screening + Q&A

Friday 5pm - 6pm


Lupe Hagearty (@lupe860) is a household name in the professional freeski world. Arriving on the scene 10 years ago, Lupe has climbed his way to the top through hard work and dedication to the sport. When he returns home to his roots in West Hartford, CT, he reflects on his difficult upbringing and how he found comfort in skiing during those tough times. What was once an escape has now become the driving force in his life and he hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams by sharing his story.

Join us on Friday, at the Inspiration Stage, for an exclusive screening of Lupe's new film, LUPE. Following the film, Lupe will be featuring in a Q&A with Snowbound Expo.

World Cup Podium Photo Booth

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HEAD will have a HEAD World Cup Podium Photo Booth at their stand (C30)!

Raffle with Challenge Accepted

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Challenge Accepted will have t-shirts and hats for sale in addition to the following raffle items:

  • Never Summer Snowboard ($680 value)
  • Mount Sunapee lift ticket, equipment rental, and lesson package ($520 value)
  • Killington/Pico Mountain lift ticket ($245 value)
  • Boston Calling Music Festival tickets (over $400 value)

2023 Snowbound Expo Special Offer from The Adventure Project

We'd like to offer Snowbound attendees a special $300 per person discount, on our 2024 or 2025 international ski and snowboard trips. 

You must use the code -300SNWBND2425 on our website booking form to qualify for the discount. 

This is for first-time guests only, to try our programs and expires on the 30th of November 2023. 

To qualify for the same discount in 2025, guests must put down a $250 USD per person deposit (non-refundable) by the 30th of November, 2023.

Volkl Revolt 104

For years, we feel the Volkl Revolt 104 has been the unsung hero of the group. It just seems to get overshadowed by other skis in the Revolt line, as well as other competitive ~104’s out there in the world.

This does not mean that the 104 doesn’t have a home, rather, there are tons of skiers out there that have either found that it works great for them or haven’t quite gotten around to getting on it and experiencing the incredible fun levels that this ski is capable of achieving. As a mid-fat twin, it kind of fell through the cracks, with skiers either leaning more to the versatile all-mountain mid-90's shapes or going super-wide to accommodate for the deepest snows on the planet.

The 104, as a result, got kicked to the middle and missed out on some opportunities to shine. This is not for a lack of design or engineering, though, as the Revolt 104 has been well thought out, especially when it comes to the shape and profile.

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Volkl Mantra 102

The 2024 Volkl Mantra 102 is very much the Cadillac of all-mountain skis. While wider than 100 mm underfoot, it skis like a race ski, and does so with an insane level of smoothness and stability.

Fans of high-speed skiing will love the overall power and sturdiness, as the 102 simply motors down any trail or zone of the mountain. This ski returns unchanged for 2024 with the exception of graphics, allowing skiers who loved in the past to get a chance once again, and for new and uninitiated skiers, they’ll have the pleasure of finding themselves cruising and flying down the mountain with the feeling of complete and total security.

While it’s on the heavy side for the casual skier, for those who appreciate the feeling and composure of a sturdy set of sticks on their feet, the Mantra 102 is an absolute dream. One takeaway that we had from getting on it again this year is that it’s totally okay to ski it shorter than you think.

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Stockli Laser WRT Pro

At the top end of the top end, the Stockli Laser WRT Pro sits alone. This 2024 version carries forward from last year, so if you missed out on it then, be sure to get on it now.

This is a narrow-waisted, strongly built, ripping on-trail ski for the most discerning of skiers. There’s a slim audience here, unfortunately, as cost and performance are on the prohibitive side, but that’s also part of the charm. Like all Stockli skis, the WRT Pro is handmade with an upper level of precision and quality.

Additionally, this ski functions best on firm snow and on the feet of a relatively skilled skier to access the fullest potential of the Pro.

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Stockli Montero AX

If you ever get the chance to ski on a Stockli Montero AX, do not pass it up. These skis are some of the cleanest and smoothest operators on the planet thanks to a remarkable blend of build and shape. Stockli’s quality and precision is unmatched in today’s ski industry, and it shows in the performance, but really,it’s more about how they feel on your feet. Even though the AX is on the heavier side of the spectrum, it feels a lot more agile than the grams may indicate.

There are a few construction techniques that allow this to happen, but overall, the Montero AX is an uncompromisingly amazing ski that can handle a whole lot more than the 80mmwaist may indicate.

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Salomon Stance 88 W

Ladies who spend a lot of time on-trail but also want some adventure built in will love this one. Fast, fun, and fearless, the Salomon Stance 88 W has always been equated with excellence in the all-mountain realm.

We do see a few tweaks and adjustments to the ski for 2024, giving it a new techy look and a more poppy personality. While it’s slightly less stable at top speeds, the ski is opened up for more versatility, a wider audience, and a more fun-loving character. While we had no issues with the outgoing model in any shape or form, it didn’t seem to grasp the attention of the skier for one reason or another.

Whether it was graphics-induced or that the ski has a lot of competition, we’re not sure. The hope is that the 2024 model gets on track with the potential of the ski, and from first looks and our impression on snow, that’s bound to happen.

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Salomon QST 106

By most metrics, this is the most attractive ski going into 2024. Salomon has really stepped up their game when it comes to graphics, and this QST 106 has both the topsheet and the base to make it stand out in a crowded field of mid-100 mm freeride skis.

Otherwise unchanged for 2024, the QST 106 remains a sturdy, smooth, floaty, and versatile ski that can do a whole lot of damage out there on the hill. From the steeps and deeps of Alta to the narrow trees of Vermont, this is a highly useful ski that offers a huge range of performance benefits for a wide variety of skiers. There’s a whole lot to like about these wide-bodied and fun-loving skis, and we’ve had nothing but fantastic experiences on this ski.

Thanks to Salomon’s insistence that the 106 remains a slightly longer-turning and more athlete-focused ski on the list, the 106 retains a very high-performance ceiling and will withstand some very aggressive skiing and high speeds.

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Rossignol Forza 70 V-Ti

This is one of the coolest new skis to come out for 2024. The Rossignol Forza 70 V-Ti is an amazing choice for advanced and expert skiers who are placing carving as a priority, but more in a sporty and fun-loving fashion.

While not quite the race ski that we see from the Hero line, the Forza is bringing on-piste skiing to the forefront. With a wider overall shape and an oversized sidecut, skiers will be able to achieve high edge angles and deep turns while keeping a bit of versatility fully intact. The 70 indicates the intended edge angle and level of aggressiveness rather than a waist width, and this is a fun play on numbers that Rossignol is engaging in, and we’re all about it. These skis are super-fun and totally relevant for skiers who spend most or all of their time on groomed terrain.

For most skiers, that percentage of time is actually quite high, and it’s imperative that accomplished skiers get the right skis for the conditions that they actually ski, rather than those that they want to ski. In this light, the Rossignol Forza 70 V-Ti is a shining example of a front side ski done right.

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Rossignol Sender 110 Free

Creativity and playfulness meet up with the all-new 2024 Rossignol Sender Free 110.

This ski is a continuation and a melding of a few different skis and properties in the Rossignol line, and it makes a lot of sense when we start thinking about the implications and applications of this ski. While the Sender line (other than the Squad) tops out at 106 mm underfoot, and the Blackops line offers a 98 and a 118, this Sender 110 splits the difference in a few different manners. By taking the shape more from the Blackops and the build that’s more reminiscent of the Sender, the 110 is a strong, burly ski that also has an amazing amount of maneuverability and freestyle hints built right in.

This is more of an athlete-inspired ski that has some freeride world tour notes to it, but at the same time is accessible enough for recreational skiers looking for a fun-loving snow day ski for a variety of conditions and terrain.

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Nordica Santa Ana 98

The well-balanced, all-mountain ski with lightweight maneuverability and unbeatable strength is back for another season with a graphics refresh and the same successful attributes that made the Nordica Santa Ana 98 the go-to one ski quiver for countless advanced female freeriders.

With the Santa Ana series, Nordica set out to accomplish the ideal line of all-mountain skis with both a high-performance ceiling and versatile shape for ladies who like to ski aggressively and with freeride flair. It’s fair to say that their mission was a success as the Santa Ana line offers a unique blend of power and precision, as well as an array of width and length options with size-specific construction features.

The Santa Ana 98 lands itself in the wider-bodied options and delivers powerful rebound and exceptional edge grip along with lively energy across variable terrain and conditions.

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Nordica Unleashed 98 Ice

The 2024 Nordica Unleashed 98 Ice is a no-brainer solid choice for advanced and expert skiers who are looking for a great time on the hill. This ski has very few limitations, and a huge number of applications for those that like to dabble in a bit of everything.

Unleashed 98 Ice is a twin tip that functions as a freeride ski that has uses in an all-mountain and frontside format as well. Each and every tester and skier that we’ve been with over the past two seasons has had an absolute blast on this ski, and it earns constant and effusive praise from both the general public as well as industry professionals. Quite literally, we haven’t been with anyone on this ski who does not like it, and that’s about as impressive as it gets. Skiers with a race background love how it carves.

Those who competed in freestyle are impressed with park performance. General all-mountain skiers can’t get enough of it in the bumps and trees. These are the types of feedback that we get time and again, highlighting the versatility and well-built nature of these awesome skis.

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Line Pandora 94

Built for true and pure all-mountain performance, the 2024 Line Pandora 94 is an awesome option for progressing intermediates all the way through seasoned experts.

This ski has a huge range and is one of the more versatile and energetic skis out there in general. Line does an awesome job in making skis feel and behave differently than most anything else out there and the Pandora 94 has followed script over the past few years and has done so with impeccable style. Year after year, the Pandora 94 is one of the best-dressed skis on the market and that does not change with 2024’s graphic refresh. From a structural perspective, the ski stays the same, providing continuing support and performance on the lighter side of the spectrum.

By remaining agile, energetic, and versatile, the Line Pandora 94 continues to be one of the most sought-after and well-rounded skis on the planet.

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Line Chronic 94

The all-new 2024 Line Chronic 94 is an amazing example of a ski that took cues from its predecessor but spun them in its own way to create a new and unique product on the market today.

While 1 mm of waist difference from the previous Chronic 95 isn’t a huge gap, the overall shaping and profile makes for a much more sophisticated personality. Additionally, it’s not like the outgoing Chronic was a bad ski—we loved their versatility and playfulness, but this new one takes it to the next level. Chronic, as a line, now has two models, with the 101 complementing the new 94.

Perhaps there are more Chronic skis in the future? People really seem to enjoy them, and out of all the new twin tips we skied this year, the Chronics stood out as some of the best ones out there. It’s always fun getting to bring a ski back to a rep and tell them that they have a winning formula, and for most of us this year, the Chronic 94 was just that ski.

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Liberty Genesis 96

For ladies who are looking for high-performance and well-rounded versatility, the 2024 Liberty Genesis 96 is here for you.

As with most things in life, balance is incredibly important. Liberty does a fantastic job in balancing fun with business, edge grip with agility, and flotation with carving. The Genesis 96 is one of those well-rounded skis that just makes a lot of sense for a huge number of skiers. No matter the day, what you’re looking to do, or what terrain you end up skiing, there’ll be something fun to do on this 96.

We talk a lot about the mid-90's as being one of the best shapes for true all-mountain skiing and versatility, and when you add a twin-tipped shape to the equation, the fun factor is increased, and we’re just fine with that.

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Liberty Origin 96

The 2024 Liberty Origin 96 is one heckuva fun ski. As with most things in life, balance is incredibly important.

Liberty does a fantastic job in balancing fun with business, edge grip with agility, and flotation with carving. The Origin 96 is one of those well-rounded skis that just makes a lot of sense for a huge number of skiers. No matter the day, what you’re looking to do, or what terrain you end up skiing, there’ll be something fun to do on this 96.

We talk a lot about the mid-90's as being one of the best shapes for true all-mountain skiing and versatility, and when you add a twin-tipped shape to the equation, the fun factor is increased, and we’re just fine with that.

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Kastle ZX 92

As a new width in the ZX line for 2024, the Kastle ZX 92 takes a similar footprint and concept and puts it in a narrower bodied format.

We’ve loved this trend to narrower skis in the ZX line, and maybe that’s because we ski in Vermont, but also because it’s just a great shape and profile to go along with the fun-loving build. The 108 and the 100 offer a lot of energy and pop to a wide range of skiers, and the 92 now takes it to the next level in terms of quickness and agility. By following the same theory as its wider brothers, the ZX 92 is built more as a gateway ski to the Kastle brand. While still very high quality and precise, it’s not quite as sophisticated as the MX or FX lines, and that does bring the price down to a more reasonable level.

This makes the ZX 92 more affordable and accessible for a younger and less established generation of skiers. In the 92, this opens up all-mountain applications for skiers in the intermediate, advanced, and moderate expert ranges.

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Kastle ZX 100

While the ZX 108 was the original, personally I’ve had a lot more success and love for the 100.

For 2024, the Kastle ZX 100 returns with a graphics change but remains the same great freeride ski that’s it’s been since inception. By following the same overall footprint and blueprint as the wider 108, but in a narrower format, the ZX 100 is quicker, more agile, and more maneuverable than its fatter brother. The ZX line came about as more of a gateway set of models, ushering in a new generation of Kastle customers. By starting them with a lower-priced ski, but still offering high-quality construction and engineering. For skiers mainly in the advanced and expert groups, the ZX 100 also serves as a stepping stone for progressing intermediates who are looking for a ski around 100 mm that’s easier to turn and floaty for the fresh.

It’s this type of application that makes a lot of sense here, and Kastle does a great job at harnessing that demographic and making a ski that appeals to this audience.

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K2 Mindbender 96 C

All-new and much needed for 2024, the K2 Mindbender 96C is a welcome addition to the Mindbender family. There were some gaps in this grouping of skis, and the 96C has filled a glaring hole. In the carbon-powered skis, we went from the 90 to a 116, so something needed to be done.

The 96C fits the role of being the versatile and high-performance ski in the bunch, creating an easier option than the 108Ti, and a fun-loving blend of freeride flair and all-mountain precision. We had a blast on this ski this past season, hooking into it early in December for some firm groomer skiing, and ending on it in mid-March in a blizzard, all while mixing in mid-range days in between.

The end result and impression are that this ski has a lot to offer to a ton of skiers.

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Head Kore 99

The 2024 Head Kore 99 gets a facelift for this year but remains the same great carbon-powered ski that we’ve loved for some time now. With the latest improvements coming last season, the 2024 version benefits from having the highest possible quality so far.

Even when it first came out, there was a sense that this ski is somewhat different—stiff flex, light weight, and maneuverable nature—all combine to make a very well-rounded ski for a broad, yet somewhat specific range of skiers. If that is a bit obfuscated, we apologize, but that’s just how we feel. It’s not for everyone because it’s quite stiff. It’s not for everyone because it’s very light. It’s not for everyone because it can feel pingy if you’re not ready for it. That said, it also has an open range of skier type because many of us enjoy light and quick skis. We enjoy reactivity and agility.

We enjoy the precise and strong feel, even if it doesn’t sound right all of the time. That’s the duality that the Head Kore 99 produces but if you can look past some of the negative connotations, you’re left with a high-performance all-mountain ski that can definitely do it all.

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Head Kore 91 W

Ladies looking for maneuverability and precision will love the overall composure of this ski. The 2024 Head Kore 91 W is a shining example of a ski that’s been put through a lot of different tasks over the years and has come out clean on the other side. We’ve wavered and discussed endlessly about who this ski benefits the most and who stands to gain from skiing on it, and we’re finally coming to some general consensuses about our conclusions.

The main things that always kept this ski somewhat enigmatic were the stiff flex and the light weight and the resulting combination. For blending the fun-loving aspect of the sport with a more business-like level of power, there’s not much else out there like the Kore 91 W.

For a lot of skiers, the low to mid-90's is a better place to be for all-mountain versatility, blending the on-trail carving with the off-trail flotation and maneuverability.

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Glove Discounts Onsite and Glove Giveaways

Enter to win a free pair of gloves. We are also offering discount codes for online transactions and limited onsite sales.

Find us on stand D10 at Snowbound Expo.

Fischer RC One 86 GT

On the wide, burly, and rugged side of the front side realm, the 2024 Fischer RC One 86 GT reigns supreme.

We’ve been all about this ski ever since it debuted a few years back, and those feelings have not changed. This ski is all about staying planted firmly on the snow, making clean and deep turns, and ripping high-speed arcs down the fall line.

With the general construction of a race ski, but in a much wider-bodied format, this ski is able to handle very aggressive and direct skiing by expert skiers and former racers.

The solid and hefty feel of the ski is a welcome change from some of the lighter front side skis on the market and as far as vibrations are concerned, this is one of the smoothest skis on the planet.

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Faction Dancer 1X

A light and fun ski built for the ladies, this is one of the fun ones. As one of the quicker and more agile skis on the planet, the 2024 Faction Dancer 1X is a prime example of a useful ski for those who value maneuverability and energy above all else.

Faction, while typically better known for more freestyle and freeride skis, does a great job with this all-mountain ski that has a wonderful mix of pop and dampness while keeping the playful aspect of skiing firmly in touch. Skiers who are typically in the Faction world of wider and more surfy skis will certainly see this Dancer 1 as a front side option, while those outside the normal realm of Faction, will see a narrow freeride ski with endless versatility.

Both are correct, giving skiers the ability to transition from on-trail to off-piste in the blink of an eye.

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Faction Prodigy 2

For fans of twin tips in the upper 90’s (like us), the 2024 Faction Prodigy 2 makes a whole lot of sense. For years, we’ve been touting the benefits of skis like this not only for park and freestyle performance, but also for all-mountain versatility.

While 98 can still be considered wide, especially in the park world, for accomplished freeride skiers, this is the ultimate shape when it comes to well-rounded and fun-loving versatility. Faction, as a company, is easily recognized for its commitment to freestyle and park skiing.

The Prodigy 2 is one of the skis that has helped Faction along the way, and since it returns unchanged but for graphics in 2024, we’re looking ahead to a new crop of freestyle and creative skiers who love to mix it up between the park, powder, trees, bumps, and natural hits.

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Elan Wingman 86 Black Edition

As a new model for 2024, the Elan Wingman 86 Black Edition has really piqued our interest. We were able to put a number of days on this ski and found a whole lot to like.

By basing the build off of the existing Wingman 86 CTi, with a Black Edition treatment, the new model features the same shape and profile, but adds a new level of stiffness and response to the mix. Skis in this zone are extremely useful for a wide range of skiers, providing excellent on-trail carving and power as well as some off-piste properties as well. The overall footprint and character of this new ski certainly fall more to the frontside side of the spectrum, but any time you’re dealing with a ski at this width, an all-mountain application is sure to be introduced as well.

While Elan has made most of their waves with the Ripstick line over the past few years, Wingman definitely has its own thing going on when it comes to stiff flex, clean carves, and pure on-piste performance.

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Elan Playmaker 101

For years, we’ve been wondering if Elan was going to enter the twin tip world, and in 2024 we get our answer and wish with the Playmaker 101. These new skis are a fantastic example of how a company can take some existing technology and construction techniques, and then add a new twist to the mix to create something new and supremely fun. Playmaker gets two models for 2024, the 91 and this 101.

As the wider of the two, there’s more freeride potential and slightly less park acumen. This doesn’t mean that you should cancel your freestyle plans, rather, the ski simply excels in a more modern freeride format. The fact that it’s a twin tip just gives it more versatility for when the park opportunities present themselves.

At this width, and with this build, Elan is providing a large range of applications here with the new Playmaker 101, and since the shape and weight make the ski amenable to a lot of different conditions and terrain, we’re looking at a great addition to the freestyle and freeride ski world.

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Dynastar M-Free 99

If you’ve followed along here at SkiEssentials, you’ll know that we have an affinity for wider twin tips like the Dynastar M-Free 99. This ski returns unchanged for 2024, and that’s great news for skiers who want another crack at this awesome freeride twin.

The M-Free 99 has a sophisticated build, a fun-loving shape, and a maneuverable profile that makes it one of the best blends of freeride and freestyle out there. One of the most surprising things over the years has been the realization of how well skis like this operate on groomers and more front side terrain. While steeper and icier trails are still not this ski’s forte, moderate groomers, and especially those with somewhat softer snow, are a heck of a lot of fun.

The nice thing is that the flex allows you to access the entirety of the sidecut, making the M-Free 99 a wonderfully turning ski on corduroy and other smooth surfaces. The big bonus here is that you get everything else at the same time—bumps, trees, powder, and park.

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Dynastar M-Cross 88

All-new for 2024, the Dynastar M-Cross 88 is a crisp turning ski that has both all-mountain and front side chops to it. The trend lately has been moving towards a shorter radius arc with a wider shovel and relatively narrower tail.

This M-Cross 88 has that modern shape and a sophisticated build to go along with it. We got a number of days in on this ski this year and found it to be more than capable of high-performance skiing while containing enough versatility to make it fun and engaging in softer snow and in off-piste formats. Dynastar has made a move to the eco-friendly side of the spectrum with M-Cross 88, relying on non-adhesive techniques and more environmentally conscious construction methods.

If you can build a ski with a similar or greater performance and save the world at the same time, then so much the better. With an innovative shape, a high-end ceiling, and a green footprint, the 2024 Dynastar M-Cross 88 is a welcome addition to Dynastar’s all-mountain line.

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DPS Kaizen 100

2024 is the inaugural year for DPS’ Kaizen Series, which evolved from the former Pagoda Series. New construction technologies and shapes led to the creation of the new series, which is a welcome sight as the Pagoda line somewhat ran its course.

However, the Kaizen is closely related so if you were a fan of the Pagoda, these new skis will certainly feel familiar. Put broadly, the Kaizen Series is supposed to be DPS’ directional freeride line with a multitude of applications. Specifically, the Kaizen 100 is likely the more versatile of the series due to its performance both on and off trail. A stable and responsive construction, coupled with a progressive freeride shape lends a high degree of performance anywhere on the mountain. Whether it be fresh groomers or powder, these skis are a bunch of fun in the soft snow with their responsiveness and maneuverability.

However, they are not the greatest on form snow due to their pronounced tip and tail rocker profiles. The relatively short effective edge does not grip onto the firm snow as well as some other skis, but that’s ok given the fact that the Kaizens are designed for softer snow conditions.

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DPS Kaizen 105

The Kaizen Series is a new collection from DPS for 2024 and encompasses the Freeride/All-Mountain genre for the brand. Meant for all types of terrains and conditions, the Kaizen 105 is the benchmark directional freeride ski in the series.

Replacing the previous Pagoda 106 C2, the Kaizen 105 has a lot of similarities which are accompanied by some subtle differences. Taking attributes from both the Pagoda 106 C2 and Pagoda Tour 100 RP, the Kaizen 105 is quite the ski that dips into the freeride and all-mountain categories. The use of high-quality materials and construction methods translate into a ski that truly feels unique when on snow. A newly refined shape makes it stand out from the rest of the DPS catalog because although it has a direction shape, it certainly feels like a freeride ski due to the rocker profile and sidecut.

Welcome to the market Kaizen, we are excited to see you and release you onto the masses!

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Blizzard Sheeva 9

The Sheeva Collection from Blizzard gets a facelift this year with top to bottom changes to both the construction and shape of the entire line. The Sheeva 9 is the narrowest in the series and therefore the more carving, on-piste, oriented with some great off-piste capabilities.

The Sheeva’s have been a trusted ski in the all-mountain and freeride communities for quite some time now and we felt like it was the right time to see a major overhaul to implement some great new technologies. Throughout our testing of the new 2024 Sheeva 9, we found that it is more playful than it was previously while still retaining that strong and robust feel of the previous version. This is undoubtedly because of the structural and shape changes that have been made which have made a great ski even better.

So, if you are someone that likes to use the mountain as your playground or someone looking for a ski that can carve up a groomer just as well as slash through the trees, you have come to the right place with the 2024 Blizzard Sheeva 9.

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Blizzard Rustler 9

Brand new for 2024, the Blizzard Rustler Series has undergone a top to bottom overhaul with changes made to both their construction and shape. Changes that have made a significant improvement to the skis’ overall performance across multiple disciplines.

Specifically, the Rustler 9 has gone through the most dramatic changes to its construction, profile, and sidecut. Resulting in more floatation, higher approachability, and a more forgiving flex pattern. For years, the Rustler 9 has been somewhat of the industry standard or go-to for a versatile all-mountain ski. This application has not changed course, but it indeed has developed into a more freeride oriented ski. Even so, the Rustler 9 has not forgotten its on-trail prowess as it still loves to reach terminal velocity on your favorite groomer.

Even with a complete revision to the ski’s design, construction, and shape, it still fills that role of a super versatile, crazy fun, and rewarding ski. 

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Black Crows Atris

Black Crows Atris returns this year unchanged from the 2023 construction and shape with the only change made being a new graphic. It retains the designation of a benchmark ski in the vast playful big-mountain category. Its uncompromising performance through variable snow at high speeds and incredible playfulness ins oft snow secured its status year after year.

The Atris is most definitely a freeride twin tip that likes to maneuver, but it’s capabilities for aggressive directional skiing cannot be overlooked as it is the ski of choice for a wide variety of professional skiers. You can see them being used by ski mountaineers ,heli skiers, as well as park skiers. So, if that doesn’t showcase the versatility of the Atris, we don’t know what would.

There is quite a magical interaction here between a relatively simplistic construction and refined shape where both aspects complement one another in a symbiotic fashion. The construction materials serve the shape just as well as the shape serves the construction, and this balance can absolutely be felt when taken to the snow.

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Aramada ARV 100

Armada has done the world of freestyle and freeride skiing a huge solid over the past decade, and it seems like they’re only getting better.

The ARV 100 is an entirely new ski for this year, bringing with it a lot of the attributes that skiers loved about the 96, and adding a new set of technology and construction to make it a wonderful new wide twin for park and all-mountain skiers alike. By replacing the 96 with a 94 and a 100, Armada has separated the ski’s audience into two pretty distinct factions.

The 100 skier is likely looking for more of an all-mountain and freeride feel with some park capabilities, while those that opt for the 94 will have more of a park focus, but also want the rest of the mountain to be in play. We’ve talked for years, touting the wonderfulness of these ~100 mm twin tips, and this new ARV is no different. Thanks to the new shape, innovative construction, and modern profile, this ski is sure to be a clear winner for the foreseeable future.

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Black Crows Mirus Cor

One of the most unique and discussed skis returns unchanged for 2024, the Black Crows Mirus Cor. In our second review we said that it took every ounce of restraint to not call the Mirus Cor our favorite ski of the year. But we are strict on our policy to not attach superlatives to skis. That policy is something we firmly stand by as the best ski for one person is almost certainly not going to be the best ski for someone else.

However, the Mirus Cor does hold a special place in our hearts not only because of its performance, but because of its individuality and eccentricity. Because of its nonconformity, this ski is not for anyone, it has a very specific way that it likes to be skied but once in that zone it is hard to beat.

The best way to look at it would be to start thinking of a slalom ski with an extremely short turning radius, now add significant tip and tail rocker, and then an almost symmetrical sidecut...Voila! The Mirus Core.

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Atomic Maven 93 C

Evolving from the Vantage and legendary Bent Series, the Maven Series provides a more stable and well-rounded all-mountain ski for women looking for adventure. When it comes to versatility, the Maven is consistently a part of the conversation as it encompasses many of the desired traits of an all-mountain ski. One that has stability at speed and is a formidable carver, but also a soft-snow machine that loves to fly through the trees or in the wide-open steeps.

In turn, making the Maven both extremely attractive and approachable for skiers of all ability levels who want a ski that can turn on a dime, make a variety of turn shapes, and slash through fresh snow. This ski just oozes fun! Lady skiers who have enlisted the Maven will not have to think twice when traveling through the mountains as they will have a confident and capable ski under their feet.

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Atomic Bent 100

The Atomic Bent 100 is an amazing ski because it keeps getting better, but somehow it hasn’t changed. This is a rare feat in the ski world these days. The nuts and bolts stay the same for this upcoming 2024 season, but the artwork changes, drawing in new skiers and Bent fans from all over the world.

For years, this has been a benchmark ski in the ~100 mm twin tip category, and that does not change for this upcoming year. Chris Bentchetler has done a phenomenal job keeping this ski line fresh while keeping the main ideas and themes the same from tip to tail. This ski has a huge range of skier types, from emerging freeride and freestyle skiers of all ages all the way up to pro-level skiers looking to blend the all-mountain and the park.

The creativity of the art aligns quite properly with that of the actual ski, as the flex and performance allow for high levels of skier input and ski feedback. It’s floaty when you want it to be, yet it still hooks up and delivers strong energy in an on-trail format as well. Propelling forward into 2024, we’re getting sharp new look with the same great character.

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Armada ARW 100

Armada never disappoints when it comes to bringing the world of freestyle skiing the most modern and impressively built skis for park, pipe and all mountain terrain.

Staying ahead of the trends, with updated technology and progressive construction, Armada continues to make headway in the industry with the new ARW series. Adding a wider option to the lineup, the ARW 100 makes its introduction this season, offering freestyle-focused skiers a brand new, wide twin tip ski. In replacement of the 96, we see the 94 and 100 for this season, giving park and all-mountain skiers two fantastic options. While the 94 attracts those who find themselves in the park most days, the 100 blurs the line between park and all-mountain, allowing for a wider width underfoot for off-piste/soft snow conditions with the option to hit the park as well.

Quite possibly the most versatile freestyle ski out there, the ARW 100 features an impressively lightweight construction, AR Freestyle Rocker, and new w3dgewall technology for the ultimate freestyle/all-mountain package.

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Armada Reliance 92 Ti

Over the past three seasons, the Reliance series from Armada, and perhaps more so than any other ski in the line, this Reliance 92 Ti, has emerged as a true competitor going up against well-known, established skis from brands like Volkl, Blizzard, Atomic, and more.

These high-performance directional skis aren’t what you’d typically expect from a brand like Armada, better known for their mark on the freestyle world and dominance in the twin tip market.

What we’ve learned, however, is that a good ski can completely change our perception of what a brand is all about, and while Armada will likely always make great twin tips, these Reliance skis deserve serious consideration for advanced and expert skiers looking for a high performance all-mountain ski.

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Live community Painting with Lamont joseph white

Exciting News! Join Lamont Joseph White at the upcoming show where we're thrilled to announce the presence of multi-talented artist and snow sports specialist will be offering a unique and immersive experience for all visitors. Prepare to be captivated as this talented individual showcases their artistic prowess through live painting right before your eyes.

What's even more thrilling is that you'll have the incredible opportunity to join in and create one giant canvas which brings the snow sports community together through art. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a complete novice, this interactive feature promises to be a memorable and creative adventure. Don't miss this chance to join in, meet Lamont, show your personality and add to the Snowbound Expo canvas throughout the weekend.

save $400 on a custom gilson snowboard

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Gilson Snow

We can hardly believe this offer from Gilson Snow! If you’re in the market for a new snowboard, look no further than Gilson Snowboards this year. As well as bringing the Gilson Snowbound Rail Jam to the expo for live action and entertainment, Gilson are also offering the chance for you to pre-order snowboards with a $400 saving!! After ordering and getting the discount, you will get a completely custom snowboard, get to work with a sick artist on design, and have it made here in the US for $750 - crazy! Then, arrive at the expo and collect your new board for your season on the slopes. We’re stoked to be working with Gilson Snow and can’t wait to see the community at the expo enjoy the action that the Gilson team will bring!

You must pre-order your custom board before Oct 15th.  To pre-order, you can purchase at GilsonSnow.com/custom and use discount code SNOWBOUND at Checkout.

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Win a Packtalk Outdoor DUO pack and get special offers at the booth!

The CB Sports Runway

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The Harpoon & Ski the East Night

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The Gilson Snowbound Rail Jam

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IT’S HERE! The first ever Gilson Snowbound Rail Jam! The Gilson Snowbound Rail Jam will be a showcase of professional snowboarders and skiers displaying their prowess on a crafted rail setup. The new Gilson feature promises endless entertainment, incredible stunts, and unmatched feats of skill on the rails. Don’t miss some exciting moves and leave feeling inspired for the season ahead.

Feel like you’re on the slopes and get stoked in a fun and action-packed event.  

Friends of Gilson Snow, famous snow sports personalities and athletes Snowboard Jesus and Halfcabking will also be there. They’ll be showcasing their new brand, Shred Happy, and fans will have a chance to meet and greet and get selfies and show their support at the Shred Happy booth.





There’s always room in the world for a wide, surfy, smeary, and creative ski that takes full advantage of deep snow, technical terrain, and natural features. 

For 2024, that ski is the Atomic Bent 110.  This ski is the perfect blend of freestyle and freeride, combining elements of both to create a fun-loving character for a wide variety of skiers.  There are a lot of products out there at this width that are either too heavy or demanding.  Atomic sees an opening and fills that need with the maneuverable Bent 110. 

Feel free to incorporate your own tricks into the mix, as the twin-tipped shape opens up switch skiing, takeoffs, and landings in any depth of snow.  The Bent 110 also effectively combines substance and style.  Paired with fantastic artwork by artist and ski designer Chris Bentchetler, the Bent 110’s only limitation is that of your own imagination. 

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K2 Mindbender 106C

With a mid-fat waist and a lightweight core, the K2 Mindbender 106C Skis boast the perfect profile and construction combination for tearing up groomers or diving into the deep. It’s fair to say we’ve been waiting for this ski for a few years now.

Ever since Mindbender 108Ti emerged, it seemed like it needed a less-demanding counterpart. This is where the all-new 2024 K2 Mindbender 106C enters the chat. This year, both men’s and women’s versions have the same build, but are available in different sizes.

In a macro sense, this 106C operates quite well as a wider ski for most skiers and a daily driver for a select few. We tested this ski in a wide variety of conditions last season and it shined throughout!

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The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame

Sponsored by

The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum is the national hall of fame dedicated exclusively to skiing and snowboarding in America. It provides the ultimate and lasting recognition for those American skiers and snowboarders who excelled nationally and internationally as competitors or contributors to the advancement of skiing and snowboarding in all its forms. The Hall's Honor Roll of over 430 honored members reflects the richness and diversity of American snowsports from the early pioneer ski jumpers and organizers to today's stars including Glen Plake, Tommy Moe, Picabo Street, Jonny Moseley, Bode Miller and many, many more! Our mission is: TO HONOR AND CELEBRATE the athletes, pioneers and visionaries of the United States who have significantly enriched the global sports of skiing and snowboarding, and to showcase their stories and historic memorabilia in our national museum located at the birthplace of organized skiing in America, Ishpeming, Michigan.

They will be displaying a section featuring stories and photos of the Class of 2023 recently selected for induction as well as a display featuring the story of Chuck and Jann Perkins of Stowe, Vermont and finally, a full list of New England Athletes and Sport Builders inducted to the NATIONAL Hall of Fame over the past 70 years along with photo's and bios. They will also feature a few alumni appearances and a media corner for interviews! Don't miss it.

LIndsey Jacobellis book signing

Lindsey Jacobellis new book, Unforgiving, is an honest account of one life-altering misstep and its aftermath, and an intimate look at what it means to come of age as an athlete. After years of maintaining an unbreakable public persona, Jacobellis opens up for the first time about the weight of expectations, the pain of falling short, and the tenacity, hard work, and confidence it takes to persevere.

Sunday 11:45-12:15

Purchase the book and and have it signed by Lindsey at the Expo on Sunday November 5th!

2024 Fischer Ranger 96 and Ranger 102 ski review

Over a year ago, SkiEssentials coordinated with Fischer to help announce their new line of Ranger skis.  Here in Vermont, these continue to be a favorite among our staff, particularly the versatile Ranger 96 and 102.

They are highly capable skis in a huge range of different terrain and snow conditions. While perhaps not achieving any superlatives, they are exceptionally well-rounded: smooth, stable, yet quick, agile, and maneuverable too. 

As a relatively new addition to our dedicated test team, we were psyched to put Emily on both the Ranger 96 and 102 over the course of numerous days this past season.  With her background in freeride, she immediately took to the Rangers, sharing similar opinions to Jeff, who will sing these skis’ praises until you tell him to stop.  

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For 2024, Volkl has updated the popular Revolt 95 with this new Revolt 96. While maintaining the overall personality of a ski we already loved, Volkl added some modern shaping elements that increase its versatility as an all-mountain ski as well as its performance in the park.

We love the affordability and value in this ski. It won’t break the bank, though its performance seemingly outpaces its price. Much like its predecessor, it’ a fantastically-fun and entertaining option for a huge range of skiers. Playful, energetic, and easy to ski, yet with a level of stability one might not expect from a relatively inexpensive twin tip.

You’ll see them in the X Games, you’ll see them on the World Cup, but they’re just as appropriate for you and I.

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Free Samples & Re-waterproof Your Gloves With Nikwax

Stop by the Nikwax booth and get free samples of Waterproofing Wax for Leather. If you are one of the first 30 people to the Nikwax booth, take your gloves and mittens to be re-waterproofed for free!

Spin the wheel at the Darn Tough booth

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Make sure to swing by the Darn Tough booth for all your socks needs for the upcoming winter and to spin the wheel for your chance to win a free pair of socks, a Darn Tough hat, and other great prizes. I thought I had better spinning wheel photos then I do. Attached is what I have if you think you could work with them.

Experience the Kulkea difference - plus epic in booth promotions

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Visit New England's premier snow sports bag brand.  Come see and feel the Kulkea difference!  We've perfected tailor made solutions for organizing all of your ski and snowboard gear.  Plus snag free gifts: back by popular demand, our custom New England snow stickers and totes while supplies last.  And did we mention our in booth epic snow bundle giveaway?

In booth SPECIAL OFFER at Kulkea

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Visit New England's premier snow sports bag brand.  Come see and feel the Kulkea difference. Technical designs, premium materials and best in class craftsmanship. Plus upgrade your snow sports travel and checkout our all new Travel Collection of snow boot bags and ski/snowboard gear bags.  Come visit the Kulkea booth for a special show offer and epic snow bundle giveaway.

WIN a Kulkea bundle worth up to $399

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Kulkea will be hosting a giveaway at Snowbound where one lucky winner will get a snow sports boot and gear bag bundle worth up to $399.  Visit the Kulkea booth to enter!

$100 off skis with J Skis

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Enjoy $100 off skis when you buy them at Snowbound Expo!

There will also be a free ski giveaway running all weekend, free stickers and swag toss outs, and our mascot “The Boss Cat” will be hanging for photos. We will have all 9 of our ski models on display and over 20 graphics that are new this season.  

Sponsored by

What you can see and do at the Kulkea Stand:

  • Free ECO totes 
  • Free stickers 
  • Check out Kulkea products in-person to see what makes them so superior 
  • Kulkea Earth.  We build product for a better earth.  From sustainable packaging, eco friendly materials, partnering with fair work factories. See details here 
  • Check out our new full snow sport travel lineup 
  • Discount at show.  Drop ship items. 
  • Highlight new products for snowboarders 

All of this, plus Meet Kulkea’s founder, David Abramowitz, to learn why and how we make the particular products that we make, what makes our products so superior, why our factory is arguably best on the world without forced or child labor, recycled fabrics… 

Discover new product releases: We are releasing a new snow travel collection.  Boot and gear bags to help skiers and snowboarders with premium, well organized travel.  The Kayda Travel Backpack, Kartta Snow Boot Bag, Kammos Boot Cube, Kantaja Single Roller, Kantaja Double Roller and Jyrkka Snowboard Bag.  See link for catalogue here 


On each day of the show we will give away a base layer set (top and bottom ~$210 value)! Visitors can also enter into a competition for the grand prize which is a Freeride kit (top and bottom up to $1,400 value).

$400 giveaway with deuter

On each day of the show we will give away a backpack (up to $400 in value)!!

Snowsports themed Slot Machine Game wiht Phunkshun wear

Enter to win a pair of skis or a snowboard, and play our Snow Slots game for a chance to win some Phunkshun Wear gear at the show.  

Youth Product Giveaway with Phunkshun Wear

The first 100 kids who visit the Phunkshun Wear booth each day will get a complimentary youth Phunkshun Wear! Ages 10 and under.

Polar Beverages will be handing out giveaway items at their booth over the weekend, with Polar Bear Mascot, Orson, along with Brand Ambassadors distributing the samples. Game TBF...

Tri Rugby Experience

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More information coming soon...

Eliteam Family, Fun & Fitness

Sponsored by

Featuring Olympian Doug Lewis

A hand’s-on, interactive, family-fun fitness area where kids of all ages can play, train, challenge and test themselves on several agility courses. Two-time Olympian Doug Lewis is your guide and coach as he and his staff help you through the Challenge area.

It is never too late to get yourself in shape for skiing and riding this winter. If your goal is to make a jump this year in your skill level, it starts with upping your physical fitness level. More strength equals more power and control on the slopes. More agility means better movement and technique in the moguls, trees and race course. And better cardio fitness means you will be able to ski and ride all day long. Come over to the Olympic Fitness Challenge booth and learn what you can do today to boost your fitness.

Everyone who stops by can pick up some information about Ski and Ride specific workouts as well as sign up for a chance to win Raffle Prizes. Fun for the entire family!

Two-time Olympian and World Championship Bronze Medalist Doug Lewis will be on hand to lead the kids and adults through the courses and talk about how important Physical fitness is the every skier and rider. Doug competed on the World Cup Downhill circuit for 8 years and now runs ELITEAM Conditioning camps for kids ages 8-14. Kids of any age and ability are welcome to try all the agility exercises and parents can come watch, cheer, and also ask the Staff about what they can do right now to get bigger, stronger and faster.

*Have fun in our Obstacle Course, which tests both cardiovascular and agility fitness.

*See how your Vertical Jump, Broad Jump and Flexibility stack up against Overall World Cup Champions.

*Watch Olympian Doug Lewis and other visiting Olympians race through the Obstacles Course and Challenges.

*PLUS, take home our Ski and Ride Fitness guide so you can start getting stronger and faster which will translate into better performance and more fun on the slopes!

The Chiro Corner

The Chiro Corner is brought to you by Beacon Chiropractic & Performance.

Beacon Chiropractic & Performance is a non-traditional chiropractic and sports injury
clinic focused on helping active adults and athletes get back to doing what they love,

At Beacon Chiropractic & Performance we know that you are the type of person who
wants the most days out on the hill. To do that you need to be able to stay healthy and
strong for the whole season. Here’s the problem though…persistent pain or injury that
just won’t go away! Persistent pain should never be the reason you are stuck in the
lodge. We understand what it is like to live with persistent pain and get back to skiing
following an injury. We’ve worked with so many people like you to ensure you can enjoy
the whole season out on the snow.

Beacon Chiropractic & Performance will be hosting a drop-in clinic at Snowbound Expo
2023 where you can speak directly with the doctor, get insight to the root cause of your
pain, and also get treated!

Skate to Ski

Sponsored by

More information coming soon...

Balance Boards

Sponsored by MTL Balance Boards

Balance boards are accessible to everyone regardless of height, weight, gender, age, or ethnicity.

It's an awesome way to get activated & warmed up in the morning before hitting the slopes. It will help people prevent injuries in the long term by strengthening their lower body stabilizer in the hips, knees and ankles in a fun, unique and challenging way.

New Belgium Beer Garden

The Beer garden and lounge area will be a space for you to hang out and enjoy a beer to relax from the craziness of the convention floor.

Learn to Ski powered by Wachusett Mountain Ski School

Sponsored by

Wachusett Mountain Ski Area joins the Boston Snowbound Expo! The closest major ski area to Boston will be attending the show and bringing the fun: They will be bringing their famous ski deck, and offering kids the opportunity to hop on skis or a board and slide down the slope. The ski deck is a great way to get kids to try the sport of skiing for the first time. Wachusett will also be selling their COW (card of Wachusett) Cards with a special bonus added on! Wachusett Logo wear and soft goods will be for sale. Another piece of good news for Boston-based Wachusett skiers and riders: The North station to Wachusett station train will be returning for the coming ski season! Waaaaa – Waaaaa – Wachusett!

Share Winter Trail

Sponsored by

Share Winter Foundation

We’re delighted to be working with Share Winter, the grantmaking organization working to improve the lives, health, and fitness of youth through winter sports. As a way to show our support for this incredible foundation, we are creating a trail throughout Snowbound Expo which will lead visitors to all of the affiliated brands of Share Winter. You will also find signs at the entrance of our show with QR codes should you wish to support Share Winter and donate to the youth programs this year. As part of the trail, make sure you stop by one of the stages during a speaker break and watch Share Winter’s latest video showcasing the work that the foundation does each year. We believe in making snowsports accessible for all.

A note from Constance Beverley, CEO, Share Winter Foundation

“Share Winter works closely with carefully selected grantees to build efficient, effective, sustainable winter sports programs and pipelines to ongoing winter sports participation. Through our partnerships, we strive to make winter sports accessible to a broader, more diverse community, and share winter with 100,000 youth by 2028.

This year alone, Share Winter will fund over 45,000 youth in programs across the country, fueling the next generation of winter sports participants and enthusiasts.”

Cross Country and Snowshoe Experience

Sponsored by

Cross Country Ski Areas Association


Cross Country and Snowshoe Experience

Step into the world of cross country skiing and snowshoeing with the Cross Country Ski Areas Association, your trusted source for all things Nordic in North America. This immersive experience brings the great outdoors indoors, allowing you to learn and explore the joys of cross country skiing and snowshoeing in a welcoming and informative setting.

Expert Guidance: Learn the ropes from seasoned instructors hailing from Weston Ski Tracks and the Eastern MA Cross Country Ski Club. On simulated snow, discover the art of cross country skiing, or delve into the world of snowshoeing. For those yearning for a summer twist, there's roller skiing, a thrilling off-season version of cross country skiing.

Continuous Learning: No matter your skill level, this booth offers ongoing sessions for all three activities. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, there's always something new to explore in the world of Nordic sports.

Plan Your Winter Getaway: The Cross Country Ski Areas Association is here to help you plan your next winter escape. Discover the perfect ski area for a memorable winter adventure, and gather insights from the experts on where to go for an unforgettable experience.

NENSA Program Insights: Representatives from the New England Nordic Ski Association (NENSA) are on hand to introduce you to their exceptional learn-to-ski programs. From Women's Day events to specialized programming, NENSA offers a supportive community for all cross country skiing enthusiasts.

Retail Therapy: Head over to the Woodstock Nordic (Inn) to snag the latest ski packages, stylish clothing, and essential accessories. Get geared up for your next Nordic adventure with top-quality equipment and apparel.

Gear Talk: Visit the Fischer booth and meet factory representatives who will divulge the secrets of the latest equipment and gear. Discover how to enhance your skiing experience, ensuring that each glide through the snow is the best it can be.

Trail Grooming Insights: Get a glimpse into the magic behind the perfect ski surface. PistenBully, trail grooming experts, will be on hand to explain the intricacies of their machines and how they craft pristine trails for your enjoyment.

Win in Style: As a delightful bonus, enter our raffle for a chance to win a SWIX cross country ski jacket, the perfect addition to your Nordic wardrobe.

This interactive booth is your gateway to the world of cross country skiing, offering a comprehensive experience that caters to both newcomers and seasoned athletes. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Nordic sports and be ready to embark on your next adventure with confidence and knowledge.

Elements of the booth to include:


  • Learn to cross country ski
  • Learn to snowshoe
  • Learn to roller ski

  • Cross Country Ski Areas Association will be on hand to help you find the perfect ski area for a wonderful winter experience.
  • NENSA representatives will be on hand to share their learn to ski programing including Women’s day and more
  • At the Woodstock Nordic (Inn) – Purchase the latest ski packages, clothing and accessories at this retail location
  • At Fischer – meet with factory representatives to learn about the latest gear to make your skiing experience the best it can be.

The Inspiration Stage

The Inspiration Stage is the main area for visitors to see incredible Olympians, world record-breaking adventurers and legends from the ski and snow industry. The line up so far includes Douglas Lewis, Julia Kern, Mary Walsh, Rob Roethler, SteepsteeP, Ted Ligety and many others to be announced. Learn what motivates them, what inspires them to train harder and push the boundaries. Get stoked for thrilling stories. Visitors have a chance to ask questions at the end of the sessions, get selfies, autographs and meet the legends. If that’s not something to get stoked about, we don’t know what is!

Ikon Pass Alpine Bar

Sponsored by

Get STOKED for winter.

Visit the Ikon Pass booth anytime during Expo hours and get a special offer on an Ikon Pass and exclusive Ikon Pass swag with a purchase.

The Ikon Pass Alpine Bar is sponsored by Ikon Pass and will offer a relaxed vibe to visitors who want to hang out, grab a drink & meet other skiers or snowboarding friends. Take a rest and have a look through all the information you have collected from the 100s of destinations that you want to go to. Show off the gear you have bought from the range of snowsport brands at the show, reminisce with friends about the last trip & more importantly… plan the next one!

Visitors can speak to the Ikon Pass team in person to discuss their individual needs for the upcoming season, make the most of daily give-aways and Happy Hour offers and make all the necessary arrangements for their trip.

For Ikon Pass Holders:

Join fellow Ikon Pass holders for free drinks, prizes and more at the Boston Snowbound Expo. Stop by the Ikon Pass booth between 4-5pm Friday & Saturday for free drink tickets. Redeem your drinks tickets between 4pm -6pm at the Ikon Pass Alpine Bar

the Mega Indoor Slope

Sponsored by

The Expo isn’t in the mountains so we’re bringing a slope to you!

This is a great opportunity to put on some skis or strap on a board and have a go. For beginners or simply those who have missed the slopes, it’s a chance to get interactive at the show! Professional coaches will be on hand to chat about getting into snowsports and the benefits of starting to build skills and confidence before hitting the mountains.

This all adds to the fun to be had at the expo across the weekend.


We are busy putting together an exciting and inspirational program that includes some of the biggest names in the industry.

Olympians, athletes, explorers, enthusiasts, seasoned skiers and snowboarders to rising stars, join us and be inspired and in awe of the amazing line up of speakers at the event, maybe even get a selfie!

Our team are working on building another incredible line-up for the 2024 event. Make sure you keep checking back on this page, and on our socials, to see announcements!

Sponsors and Exhibitors


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