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Aramada ARV 100

Armada has done the world of freestyle and freeride skiing a huge solid over the past decade, and it seems like they’re only getting better.

The ARV 100 is an entirely new ski for this year, bringing with it a lot of the attributes that skiers loved about the 96, and adding a new set of technology and construction to make it a wonderful new wide twin for park and all-mountain skiers alike. By replacing the 96 with a 94 and a 100, Armada has separated the ski’s audience into two pretty distinct factions.

The 100 skier is likely looking for more of an all-mountain and freeride feel with some park capabilities, while those that opt for the 94 will have more of a park focus, but also want the rest of the mountain to be in play. We’ve talked for years, touting the wonderfulness of these ~100 mm twin tips, and this new ARV is no different. Thanks to the new shape, innovative construction, and modern profile, this ski is sure to be a clear winner for the foreseeable future.

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