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Black Crows Atris

Black Crows Atris returns this year unchanged from the 2023 construction and shape with the only change made being a new graphic. It retains the designation of a benchmark ski in the vast playful big-mountain category. Its uncompromising performance through variable snow at high speeds and incredible playfulness ins oft snow secured its status year after year.

The Atris is most definitely a freeride twin tip that likes to maneuver, but it’s capabilities for aggressive directional skiing cannot be overlooked as it is the ski of choice for a wide variety of professional skiers. You can see them being used by ski mountaineers ,heli skiers, as well as park skiers. So, if that doesn’t showcase the versatility of the Atris, we don’t know what would.

There is quite a magical interaction here between a relatively simplistic construction and refined shape where both aspects complement one another in a symbiotic fashion. The construction materials serve the shape just as well as the shape serves the construction, and this balance can absolutely be felt when taken to the snow.

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