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Blizzard Rustler 9

Brand new for 2024, the Blizzard Rustler Series has undergone a top to bottom overhaul with changes made to both their construction and shape. Changes that have made a significant improvement to the skis’ overall performance across multiple disciplines.

Specifically, the Rustler 9 has gone through the most dramatic changes to its construction, profile, and sidecut. Resulting in more floatation, higher approachability, and a more forgiving flex pattern. For years, the Rustler 9 has been somewhat of the industry standard or go-to for a versatile all-mountain ski. This application has not changed course, but it indeed has developed into a more freeride oriented ski. Even so, the Rustler 9 has not forgotten its on-trail prowess as it still loves to reach terminal velocity on your favorite groomer.

Even with a complete revision to the ski’s design, construction, and shape, it still fills that role of a super versatile, crazy fun, and rewarding ski. 

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