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DPS Kaizen 100

2024 is the inaugural year for DPS’ Kaizen Series, which evolved from the former Pagoda Series. New construction technologies and shapes led to the creation of the new series, which is a welcome sight as the Pagoda line somewhat ran its course.

However, the Kaizen is closely related so if you were a fan of the Pagoda, these new skis will certainly feel familiar. Put broadly, the Kaizen Series is supposed to be DPS’ directional freeride line with a multitude of applications. Specifically, the Kaizen 100 is likely the more versatile of the series due to its performance both on and off trail. A stable and responsive construction, coupled with a progressive freeride shape lends a high degree of performance anywhere on the mountain. Whether it be fresh groomers or powder, these skis are a bunch of fun in the soft snow with their responsiveness and maneuverability.

However, they are not the greatest on form snow due to their pronounced tip and tail rocker profiles. The relatively short effective edge does not grip onto the firm snow as well as some other skis, but that’s ok given the fact that the Kaizens are designed for softer snow conditions.

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