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Dynastar M-Cross 88

All-new for 2024, the Dynastar M-Cross 88 is a crisp turning ski that has both all-mountain and front side chops to it. The trend lately has been moving towards a shorter radius arc with a wider shovel and relatively narrower tail.

This M-Cross 88 has that modern shape and a sophisticated build to go along with it. We got a number of days in on this ski this year and found it to be more than capable of high-performance skiing while containing enough versatility to make it fun and engaging in softer snow and in off-piste formats. Dynastar has made a move to the eco-friendly side of the spectrum with M-Cross 88, relying on non-adhesive techniques and more environmentally conscious construction methods.

If you can build a ski with a similar or greater performance and save the world at the same time, then so much the better. With an innovative shape, a high-end ceiling, and a green footprint, the 2024 Dynastar M-Cross 88 is a welcome addition to Dynastar’s all-mountain line.

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