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Elan Playmaker 101

For years, we’ve been wondering if Elan was going to enter the twin tip world, and in 2024 we get our answer and wish with the Playmaker 101. These new skis are a fantastic example of how a company can take some existing technology and construction techniques, and then add a new twist to the mix to create something new and supremely fun. Playmaker gets two models for 2024, the 91 and this 101.

As the wider of the two, there’s more freeride potential and slightly less park acumen. This doesn’t mean that you should cancel your freestyle plans, rather, the ski simply excels in a more modern freeride format. The fact that it’s a twin tip just gives it more versatility for when the park opportunities present themselves.

At this width, and with this build, Elan is providing a large range of applications here with the new Playmaker 101, and since the shape and weight make the ski amenable to a lot of different conditions and terrain, we’re looking at a great addition to the freestyle and freeride ski world.

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