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Elan Wingman 86 Black Edition

As a new model for 2024, the Elan Wingman 86 Black Edition has really piqued our interest. We were able to put a number of days on this ski and found a whole lot to like.

By basing the build off of the existing Wingman 86 CTi, with a Black Edition treatment, the new model features the same shape and profile, but adds a new level of stiffness and response to the mix. Skis in this zone are extremely useful for a wide range of skiers, providing excellent on-trail carving and power as well as some off-piste properties as well. The overall footprint and character of this new ski certainly fall more to the frontside side of the spectrum, but any time you’re dealing with a ski at this width, an all-mountain application is sure to be introduced as well.

While Elan has made most of their waves with the Ripstick line over the past few years, Wingman definitely has its own thing going on when it comes to stiff flex, clean carves, and pure on-piste performance.

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