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2024 Fischer Ranger 96 and Ranger 102 ski review

Over a year ago, SkiEssentials coordinated with Fischer to help announce their new line of Ranger skis.  Here in Vermont, these continue to be a favorite among our staff, particularly the versatile Ranger 96 and 102.

They are highly capable skis in a huge range of different terrain and snow conditions. While perhaps not achieving any superlatives, they are exceptionally well-rounded: smooth, stable, yet quick, agile, and maneuverable too. 

As a relatively new addition to our dedicated test team, we were psyched to put Emily on both the Ranger 96 and 102 over the course of numerous days this past season.  With her background in freeride, she immediately took to the Rangers, sharing similar opinions to Jeff, who will sing these skis’ praises until you tell him to stop.  

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