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Head Kore 91 W

Ladies looking for maneuverability and precision will love the overall composure of this ski. The 2024 Head Kore 91 W is a shining example of a ski that’s been put through a lot of different tasks over the years and has come out clean on the other side. We’ve wavered and discussed endlessly about who this ski benefits the most and who stands to gain from skiing on it, and we’re finally coming to some general consensuses about our conclusions.

The main things that always kept this ski somewhat enigmatic were the stiff flex and the light weight and the resulting combination. For blending the fun-loving aspect of the sport with a more business-like level of power, there’s not much else out there like the Kore 91 W.

For a lot of skiers, the low to mid-90’s is a better place to be for all-mountain versatility, blending the on-trail carving with the off-trail flotation and maneuverability.

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