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Head Kore 99

The 2024 Head Kore 99 gets a facelift for this year but remains the same great carbon-powered ski that we’ve loved for some time now. With the latest improvements coming last season, the 2024 version benefits from having the highest possible quality so far.

Even when it first came out, there was a sense that this ski is somewhat different—stiff flex, light weight, and maneuverable nature—all combine to make a very well-rounded ski for a broad, yet somewhat specific range of skiers. If that is a bit obfuscated, we apologize, but that’s just how we feel. It’s not for everyone because it’s quite stiff. It’s not for everyone because it’s very light. It’s not for everyone because it can feel pingy if you’re not ready for it. That said, it also has an open range of skier type because many of us enjoy light and quick skis. We enjoy reactivity and agility.

We enjoy the precise and strong feel, even if it doesn’t sound right all of the time. That’s the duality that the Head Kore 99 produces but if you can look past some of the negative connotations, you’re left with a high-performance all-mountain ski that can definitely do it all.

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