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K2 Mindbender 96 C

All-new and much needed for 2024, the K2 Mindbender 96C is a welcome addition to the Mindbender family. There were some gaps in this grouping of skis, and the 96C has filled a glaring hole. In the carbon-powered skis, we went from the 90 to a 116, so something needed to be done.

The 96C fits the role of being the versatile and high-performance ski in the bunch, creating an easier option than the 108Ti, and a fun-loving blend of freeride flair and all-mountain precision. We had a blast on this ski this past season, hooking into it early in December for some firm groomer skiing, and ending on it in mid-March in a blizzard, all while mixing in mid-range days in between.

The end result and impression are that this ski has a lot to offer to a ton of skiers.

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