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Kastle ZX 92

As a new width in the ZX line for 2024, the Kastle ZX 92 takes a similar footprint and concept and puts it in a narrower bodied format.

We’ve loved this trend to narrower skis in the ZX line, and maybe that’s because we ski in Vermont, but also because it’s just a great shape and profile to go along with the fun-loving build. The 108 and the 100 offer a lot of energy and pop to a wide range of skiers, and the 92 now takes it to the next level in terms of quickness and agility. By following the same theory as its wider brothers, the ZX 92 is built more as a gateway ski to the Kastle brand. While still very high quality and precise, it’s not quite as sophisticated as the MX or FX lines, and that does bring the price down to a more reasonable level.

This makes the ZX 92 more affordable and accessible for a younger and less established generation of skiers. In the 92, this opens up all-mountain applications for skiers in the intermediate, advanced, and moderate expert ranges.

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