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Line Chronic 94

The all-new 2024 Line Chronic 94 is an amazing example of a ski that took cues from its predecessor but spun them in its own way to create a new and unique product on the market today.

While 1 mm of waist difference from the previous Chronic 95 isn’t a huge gap, the overall shaping and profile makes for a much more sophisticated personality. Additionally, it’s not like the outgoing Chronic was a bad ski—we loved their versatility and playfulness, but this new one takes it to the next level. Chronic, as a line, now has two models, with the 101 complementing the new 94.

Perhaps there are more Chronic skis in the future? People really seem to enjoy them, and out of all the new twin tips we skied this year, the Chronics stood out as some of the best ones out there. It’s always fun getting to bring a ski back to a rep and tell them that they have a winning formula, and for most of us this year, the Chronic 94 was just that ski.

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