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Nordica Unleashed 98 Ice

The 2024 Nordica Unleashed 98 Ice is a no-brainer solid choice for advanced and expert skiers who are looking for a great time on the hill. This ski has very few limitations, and a huge number of applications for those that like to dabble in a bit of everything.

Unleashed 98 Ice is a twin tip that functions as a freeride ski that has uses in an all-mountain and frontside format as well. Each and every tester and skier that we’ve been with over the past two seasons has had an absolute blast on this ski, and it earns constant and effusive praise from both the general public as well as industry professionals. Quite literally, we haven’t been with anyone on this ski who does not like it, and that’s about as impressive as it gets. Skiers with a race background love how it carves.

Those who competed in freestyle are impressed with park performance. General all-mountain skiers can’t get enough of it in the bumps and trees. These are the types of feedback that we get time and again, highlighting the versatility and well-built nature of these awesome skis.

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