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Rossignol Forza 70 V-Ti

This is one of the coolest new skis to come out for 2024. The Rossignol Forza 70 V-Ti is an amazing choice for advanced and expert skiers who are placing carving as a priority, but more in a sporty and fun-loving fashion.

While not quite the race ski that we see from the Hero line, the Forza is bringing on-piste skiing to the forefront. With a wider overall shape and an oversized sidecut, skiers will be able to achieve high edge angles and deep turns while keeping a bit of versatility fully intact. The 70 indicates the intended edge angle and level of aggressiveness rather than a waist width, and this is a fun play on numbers that Rossignol is engaging in, and we’re all about it. These skis are super-fun and totally relevant for skiers who spend most or all of their time on groomed terrain.

For most skiers, that percentage of time is actually quite high, and it’s imperative that accomplished skiers get the right skis for the conditions that they actually ski, rather than those that they want to ski. In this light, the Rossignol Forza 70 V-Ti is a shining example of a front side ski done right.

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