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Salomon QST 106

By most metrics, this is the most attractive ski going into 2024. Salomon has really stepped up their game when it comes to graphics, and this QST 106 has both the topsheet and the base to make it stand out in a crowded field of mid-100 mm freeride skis.

Otherwise unchanged for 2024, the QST 106 remains a sturdy, smooth, floaty, and versatile ski that can do a whole lot of damage out there on the hill. From the steeps and deeps of Alta to the narrow trees of Vermont, this is a highly useful ski that offers a huge range of performance benefits for a wide variety of skiers. There’s a whole lot to like about these wide-bodied and fun-loving skis, and we’ve had nothing but fantastic experiences on this ski.

Thanks to Salomon’s insistence that the 106 remains a slightly longer-turning and more athlete-focused ski on the list, the 106 retains a very high-performance ceiling and will withstand some very aggressive skiing and high speeds.

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