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Volkl Mantra 102

The 2024 Volkl Mantra 102 is very much the Cadillac of all-mountain skis. While wider than 100 mm underfoot, it skis like a race ski, and does so with an insane level of smoothness and stability.

Fans of high-speed skiing will love the overall power and sturdiness, as the 102 simply motors down any trail or zone of the mountain. This ski returns unchanged for 2024 with the exception of graphics, allowing skiers who loved in the past to get a chance once again, and for new and uninitiated skiers, they’ll have the pleasure of finding themselves cruising and flying down the mountain with the feeling of complete and total security.

While it’s on the heavy side for the casual skier, for those who appreciate the feeling and composure of a sturdy set of sticks on their feet, the Mantra 102 is an absolute dream. One takeaway that we had from getting on it again this year is that it’s totally okay to ski it shorter than you think.

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