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Volkl Revolt 104

For years, we feel the Volkl Revolt 104 has been the unsung hero of the group. It just seems to get overshadowed by other skis in the Revolt line, as well as other competitive ~104’s out there in the world.

This does not mean that the 104 doesn’t have a home, rather, there are tons of skiers out there that have either found that it works great for them or haven’t quite gotten around to getting on it and experiencing the incredible fun levels that this ski is capable of achieving. As a mid-fat twin, it kind of fell through the cracks, with skiers either leaning more to the versatile all-mountain mid-90’s shapes or going super-wide to accommodate for the deepest snows on the planet.

The 104, as a result, got kicked to the middle and missed out on some opportunities to shine. This is not for a lack of design or engineering, though, as the Revolt 104 has been well thought out, especially when it comes to the shape and profile.

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