15–17 Nov 2024 150 days to go! #SnowboundExpo Tickets

Revive, Reuse, Recycle Zone– elevating sustainability in snow sports brought to you by BirdieBlue

Come visit the Revive, Reuse, Recycle Zone brought to you by BirdieBlue.  

Bring your old snow pants, skis bibs, winter jackets, tents, windbreakers, snowsuit onesies from the 90s …no matter the condition (we LOVE the duct tape look)…. to the Revive, Reuse, Recycle Zone (Booth f92) for upcycling.  

Here you can learn how BirdieBlue turns this OLD gear into NEW bags. The Birdie team will even have an upcycling station set up to allow you to join in the fun of cutting and splicing your old gear. 

Perhaps the best part? Upcycle with us and you will receive a discount code good for 15% your next BirdieBlue purchase. Now all you will have to do is decide which bag is coming with you on your next #birdieblueadventure. 

WHAT WE ACCEPT: BirdieBlue accepts snow jackets, ski pants, snow bibs, wind breakers, rain jackets, ripped tents, the rocking 80s onesie snow suit in the back your closet… regardless of the condition. Any old gear that is water resistant and waterproof that has been worn and well loved throughout all of your outdoor adventures is Birdie’s TREASURE.  We are VERY good at cutting around holes, dirt and duck tape in our quest to give old gear new life. We are working on our tricks to upcycle as much gear as possible but currently we cannot accept puffer jackets, down filled sleeping bags, down filled vests, merino wool base layers, clothing made from natural and cotton fibers etc.