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There’s always room in the world for a wide, surfy, smeary, and creative ski that takes full advantage of deep snow, technical terrain, and natural features. 

For 2024, that ski is the Atomic Bent 110.  This ski is the perfect blend of freestyle and freeride, combining elements of both to create a fun-loving character for a wide variety of skiers.  There are a lot of products out there at this width that are either too heavy or demanding.  Atomic sees an opening and fills that need with the maneuverable Bent 110. 

Feel free to incorporate your own tricks into the mix, as the twin-tipped shape opens up switch skiing, takeoffs, and landings in any depth of snow.  The Bent 110 also effectively combines substance and style.  Paired with fantastic artwork by artist and ski designer Chris Bentchetler, the Bent 110’s only limitation is that of your own imagination. 

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