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The Chiro Corner

The Chiro Corner is brought to you by Beacon Chiropractic & Performance.

Beacon Chiropractic & Performance is a non-traditional chiropractic and sports injury
clinic focused on helping active adults and athletes get back to doing what they love,

At Beacon Chiropractic & Performance we know that you are the type of person who
wants the most days out on the hill. To do that you need to be able to stay healthy and
strong for the whole season. Here’s the problem though…persistent pain or injury that
just won’t go away! Persistent pain should never be the reason you are stuck in the
lodge. We understand what it is like to live with persistent pain and get back to skiing
following an injury. We’ve worked with so many people like you to ensure you can enjoy
the whole season out on the snow.

Beacon Chiropractic & Performance will be hosting a drop-in clinic at Snowbound Expo
2023 where you can speak directly with the doctor, get insight to the root cause of your
pain, and also get treated!