15–17 Nov 2024 124 days to go! #SnowboundExpo Tickets

Ben Gallagher

Skiing is my life. At the age of two, my father put me in a pair of skis and I have been sliding with style ever since. My passion for skiing hit its peak in 2016 when I became a ski instructor and again in 2018 when I joined the National Ski Patrol (NSP). Now I spend all my time at North America’s first indoor ski resort where I get paid to help people have fun as a nationally certified alpine ski patroller.

I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to do what I love year-round. To give back to this amazing community I created the brand “Ski Everything” and under that name I will be skiing at every ski resort in North America. I hope that my journey will make it easier for all snow enthusiasts to do what it is we love. SKI!

Hey you! Thanks for being awesome and reading this! If you got this far why not follow my adventures on Instagram and Facebook @ski.everything as well as on my website at https://www.nspeast.org/