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Derek Gregoire

My path to skiing was a scattered one.  My brother first got me on skis back in college. I picked up my rentals (no helmet) and headed to the bunny slope and pizza wedged my way down, while picking myself up after countless yard sales.  Later, I tried it again on a long green trail still pizza wedging. I learned that skiers are ready to help a fallen beginner get back up after taking a tumble and checking in later during après-ski. The warm  skier camaraderie would lead me back to the slopes many years later, after a knee injury from playing soccer. Fast-forward, married, with 3 kids that love skiing,  they encouraged me to join them, which I did after some great lessons back in 2015.  Today, hitting black diamonds, venturing into backcountry, and skiing over 38 different mountains and hunting for more. I am a skier, waiting for the next storm. See you on the slopes.