15–17 Nov 2024 170 days to go! #SnowboundExpo Tickets

Jacquelyn Nash

Hey! I’m Jacquelyn, Jax for short. My first day on skis was in 2015. I only know that because when I finally decided to give it another go last year, the pass was still pinned to my jacket when I dug it out from the back of my closet.

After years of dreading winter, I finally decided to embrace the New England lifestyle and try skiing. We booked a trip to Park City and I never looked back. That trip changed my life and I am now fully obsessed! For the first time in my life, I can say I’m actually looking forward to winter coming!

2021 was my first full season and I couldn’t get enough of exploring all of the mountains in New England. This year, we already have trips booked to Colorado, Montana, and Canada. Being a newbie, I’m thrilled to be attending the Snowbound Expo this year and look forward to expanding this newfound passion.