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Janelle Thomas (Coach Nelly)

I’m a simple living, outdoor loving, mountain Mama of three, who believes that time in nature is essential to the health and happiness of all human beings.

The first season I taught lessons for a Ski School I was just a senior in college. Since then, I’ve spent 22 fantastic Winters, enthusiastically teaching lil’ rippers how to have fun while staying safe in the mountains.

Raising my own three along the way, means I got up close and personal with the important role a Mama plays in introducing her children to the world of snow sports. Not to mention the commitment it takes, consistently organizing all the logistics so a family can get out on the hill EVERY season. Yet their representation within the industry is small and their connection to this community limited.

From my own life experience, I intimately understand not just the joys but also the challenges, frustrations and solutions these Mamas are looking for. So, in 2019 I launched www.raisinglittlerippers.com, Virtual Coaching for adventurous Mamas raising the next generation of big mountain skiers.