15–17 Nov 2024 170 days to go! #SnowboundExpo Tickets

Kimmy Chen

In 2013, I moved to Boston from a tropical city, that was also the first time I touched snow and tried snowboarding.

I can’t say how much I love snowboarding, for some people snowboarding is just an activity, but for me it’s my passion and the reason I get up early on the weekends. Snowboarding also brings me a lot of good travel memories. I’ve been to the snow mountains in Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal, as well as the snow mountains in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. I can’t wait for winter to come and start my next journey!

This year will be my third Snowbound Expo. In the past expos, I got a snowboard that I really like, also tons of coupons for the resorts. I hope to see you guys at this year’s Expo and enjoy!