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My name’s steepsteep, or more formally known as Nick on my birth certificate. I’m an avid winter lover born and raised in Western Canada. I started Skiing when my parent’s strapped skis onto my feet for the first time when I was 6 years old. I would go on to ski race for a few years before transitioning to freeskiing–I found jumps and rails to be more thrilling. This came to an end when I was 17 after a bad ski crash fractured my L5 vertebrae. Where I thought this injury was the end of my ski career, it was actually just the beginning.
I went on to make a full recovery and started filming and uploading my ski day experiences to YouTube. I started to build a community on the platform of likeminded people who had a passion for our sport. Thanks to this community I’ve been able to ski all over the world and collaborate on projects with companies like Red Bull and Dopesnow. To be able to share my fiery passion for skiing is a dream come true.