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Olivia Rose

Hi my name is Olivia Rose and I am 11 years old and live in New England area. I have been skiing since I was three years old with my mom and I immediately fell in love with skiing. I love it because it makes me feel happy and free when I am skiing in and out of the woods and trails. I just love the fresh crisp air and the winter wonderland scenery surrounding me . As I go up the mountain, I love the views the mountains give us and all the skiers that enjoy it. I would also like to test my limits on different mountains. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to ski in many mountains in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and even New Zealand ( crazy because it was summer here and winter over there!). I also love to meet different people in different mountains.

I am looking forward to joining the skiing race team this year, which is new for me. But I am looking forward to this new journey and also accomplishing so many things on different mountains this year.