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Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy, otherwise known as the “Sarge,” hails from the misty mountains of Mt. Baker in the Rainforest of the Pacific Northwest. Snowboarding in Washington since 1989, McCarthy has put out countless video parts over his 12-year professional career before eventually transitioning to a team manager role for 686. Pat has shifted his focus from top-level progression to mentoring riders, leaving a positive impact on community, and finding ways to pay back the industry that supported him. Now, after being part of 686 for 16-years, he leads the crew into the backcountry to produce video and photo content for the brand with a focus on safety and efficiency, which earned him the moniker “Sarge.” Outside of his team manager duties McCarthy has poured years into product development and aiding 686 in its desire to help make snowboarding more accessible through charity works and support in donations to DEI organizations across the globe. The current Craig Kelly lifetime achievement award holder can be found hopping on the chairlift at resorts worldwide, popping off a wind lip near you with his signature, “HEEEEEEEE!”

Sarge currently works with Westlife Distribution and 686 as the Team Manager. He enjoys his countless days in the mountains pushing the limits of backcountry riding, spending time with his wife and young daughter, and bringing his positive vibes to team riders.”