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Phil & Tricia Pugliese

Tricia began her skiing career in Northern Michigan and immediately started giving back by working with a learn-to-ski program at a local school. 25 years later, she moved to the Lake Tahoe basin and not only established herself as a top level boot fitter but is one of the most respected and read women’s ski reviewers. Phil started skiing in the mid-70s in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains and the Green Mountains of Vermont. From then on, he found himself entrenched in many facets the ski industry including working in various ski shops from suburban Philadelphia to Truckee Ca. This diverse background provided Phil with a well-rounded perspective on what skiers want, need and expect from their gear.

Together Tricia and Phil, own and run Skitalk.com, one of the web’s most respected and read ski review site and which includes an active discussion community.  While working closely with many manufacturers, large and small, Phil & Tricia also have influenced and have their finger prints on many products that are currently on the market today.