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Robert “SK” Howarth

My name is Robert everyone calls me “SK” I have a 12 year old daughter which I have full custody of her I am a single dad. I’ve been snowboarding going on 4 years now she has been snowboarding about 14 times. We learned at big snow which is at the American Dream mall, fast forward a little about a year after learning how to ride. I put an application in to work at big snow which then I was giving a snowboard instructor had no clue what I was doing being that fact I was new to snowboarding. I ended up changing a lot of lives especially children, I taught a lot of people how to snowboard in just a short time of me riding. I have my picture in snowboard mag I also ride for 686. I love those guys they changed my life so did Russell Winfield. I love snowboarding it changed my life so much I can’t wait to see what it has next for me I can go on & on lol but I will stop here.