15–17 Nov 2024 170 days to go! #SnowboundExpo Tickets


The 1st time I went snowboarding I was a college student studying abroad in the UK. I joined the ski and snowboard society because my college back home (UMass Amherst) didn’t offer such a club. We practiced at an indoor facility with manmade snow. It was everything I imagined it could be. Immediately fell in love with the sport and my seasonal affective disorder disappeared forever. Knowing there was more to do in the snow then trudge in and or shovel it went to long way towards nurturing my newfound appreciation winter, winter sports and the great outdoors. I’ve only ever been to Val d’Isere in the French Alps. I was humbled and grateful to God for giving me the such a great opportunity. In the mountains, looking out at the beautiful view, I thought about the last Haitian I knew to have been in the Alps: Toussaint L’Ouverture. Let’s get more kids from my neighborhood involved in snowboarding.